Hi, I am Dominika.
And you?
I’m a Human UX Strategy designer.
What I do:
  • outstanding brand and identity,
  • innovative products,
  • services by human experience design,
  • power up people within processes,
  • change business by agile strategy,
  • teach UX and creativity.
My practice is over 11 years of working within technology environment (internet, IT sector, industry, computer engineering) as a designer. I called myself “human-friendly”, because my main specialty is creative, useful and happy solutions for people. By solution I mean any kind of organised elements (in online and offline) which people can interact with, so that their human experiences are released.
A few of methods and fields I combine in my professional work style are: art, design thinking, engineering, human-center design, innovations, interactions, visual communication, psychology, critical thinking.
How can I serve?
  • Human analysis – product / service experience audit, report analysis
  • Problem definition – digital assets audit, product and service experience journey map
  • Solution deliverables – product starter kit, service map, guideline, implementation plan, brand identity, design guideline, design system, low-fi and high-fi solution flows
  • Workshop – designing, conducting, evaluating, facilitating
  • Presentation – short talk, power brain
Why I do what I do?
Let’s get in touch and talk.